We often receive lots of feedback from our customers regarding features of our software which don’t quite work as they’d like it to. A big one for us and our customers was the way in which you add vehicles to our system. This involved a lengthy process of adding categories (generally cars, vans, minibuses etc…), then adding vehicle groups and finally adding vehicles to those groups. This was great in theory, especially when you might have 14 of one vehicle type, however, we found a lot of customers only had a couple of vehicles her group. The process of adding groups was confusing to say the least.

From today, we have massively simplified the process, skipping the groups process completely and focusing on vehicles and categories. The iVech system will automatically match up the makes and models of your vehicles so that the system can function the same as it always has. Using our improved DVLA vehicle registration lookup, it’s now much quicker to add a vehicle to the system too!