Following customer requests, we recently launched our new endorsements feature within iVech, which allows you to store a driving endorsement against a driver. This allows you to keep track of any endorsements which a driver may have, putting you at peace of mind that you know their history before hiring. Our FAQ below gives you a brief overview about the system and how it works.


Where is the endorsements window?

When viewing the drivers tab within rentals, you’ll notice a new warning symbol in the actions bar. Clicking this button will bring up the endorsements window which looks like the image above.

How do I add an endorsement?

To add an endorsement against a driver, follow this simple process:

  • On the right hand side, select an offence from the dropdown
  • Enter the offence date and expiry date for the offence
  • The points box will auto generate with the MINIMUM number of points – the driver could have been issued with more
  • Click the green ‘add offence’ button to add the offence against the driver

The endorsements will stay with the driver, regardless of which rental they appear on – so no need to re-add next time!

Why are some endorsements in red?

The endorsements which show in red are because they are classed as major driving offences. This way they can be easily identifiable to yourself as either a major or minor driving offence.

How can I get more assistance?

If you need help with endorsements, or any other part of the iVech system. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team on 0191 460 3263 or by emailing