The latest iVech release contains 5 new features and 4 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.

  • FEATURE: Ability to print blank hire agreements if necessary.
  • FEATURE: New layout for letterhead, which includes company registration details and optional footer text.
  • FEATURE: Ability to store a lease company name against a leased vehicle. The name also shows up in reports relating to leased vehicles.
  • FEATURE: Ability to turn web booking features on / off.
  • FEATURE: Vehicles can now be returned to service early after being off road.
  • BUG: View Work schedule shows all collections and returns along with the related branch name when signed in to ‘All Branches’ as a Multi Branch Director.
  • BUG: Minor display fixes on most PDF documents. This includes printed and emailed documents.
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue on update vehicle form where you were re-directed to the wrong location on validation bounce back.
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where off road vehicles were not being displayed correctly.